Landing Leg System

Delta Landing Leg

The safest, most trouble-free way to separate and connect the semi-trailer from your prime mover. Powered by an independent power supply, the electronic motor-driven unit raises and lowers landing legs with the simple touch of a button.

Delta Landing Leg D5L16

Part Number: D5L16

Razor Delta Landing Leg is an automated electronic system that allows the user to easily raise and lower the landing legs of their heavy vehicle.

Kit comprises of:

  • Delta Drive Unit
  • Power Kit
  • Hardware Kit

Note: The torque arm is not part of the kit and needs to be ordered separately


  • Capable of lifting a fully loaded semi-trailer
  • Wireless functionality
  • Very easy to operate
  • Modular design makes installation a breeze
  • Manual override capability
  • Fits all landing leg brands
  • Australian designed and tested
  • Minimum maintenance and 12-month warranty

  • No more manual winding
  • No more back strain
  • No more aching elbows & shoulders
  • No more standing out in the weather