JOST KKS #futurenow

JOST KKS – push-button trailer coupling

Just what the universe has been waiting for: a remote-control trailer hitching solution that automates the entire coupling and uncoupling process, including air, electrics, and brakes. KKS is a ground-breaking innovation at the leading edge of modern logistics. Intuitive to use, it is also ideal for gradually retrofitting to standard trucks and trailers.

Benefits - Warp Drive Competitiveness

  • Fast - Cuts trailer changeover times by 50 percent
  • Economical - Effectively halves costs per journey leg and truck, depending on route, driving and trailer times.
  • Safe - Radically reduces the risk of accidents and does away with the physically demanding aspects of coupling.
  • Easy - Intuitive operation for fast hassle-free coupling and uncoupling.