After Sales Service

Your Premier After Sales Service Partner

At JOST Australia, our commitment extends far beyond supplying top-quality truck and trailer components. Since our establishment in 1980, we've dedicated ourselves to offering a comprehensive package that includes unparalleled service, robust support, extensive training, and invaluable advice for all our customers.

Setting Industry Standards Since 1980

Backed by our European parent company, JOST Werke, we've solidified our standing as a pivotal component supplier in Australia's heavy transport industry. Since our inception, we've catered to the diverse needs of Australian transport operators, tailoring our product range specifically to thrive in the unique Australian market and its demanding environment.

Nationwide Presence, Localised Support

With branches strategically located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, JOST Australia is optimally positioned to serve fleet operators, dealerships, and service centers across the nation. Each of our branches is equipped to provide not just sales, but also dedicated service and technical support.

Unmatched Commitment to Service

In the realm of service and maintenance, JOST Australia excels. We collaborate closely with workshops, dealerships, and large fleets, offering comprehensive training on product operation and maintenance, along with spare parts sales. Our suite of maintenance tools simplifies servicing tasks, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity of our components.

Guidance Beyond Purchase

At JOST Australia, our commitment doesn't end at the point of sale. We're here to assist beyond your purchase, offering guidance on the correct fitment and maintenance of our components. Ensuring your vehicles are set up properly is crucial for efficiency, and we're dedicated to providing advice to streamline your fleet operations. Additionally, whenever issues arise, our team is ready to help promptly, getting you back on the road without delay.

Dialogue and Continuous Support

Maintaining an open dialogue with our customers is paramount. No question is too trivial because getting it right matters. Our skilled area managers across Australia are not only adept at sales but also serve as trainers, ensuring consistent service quality.

Elevating Customer Service

To further elevate our commitment to unparalleled service, JOST Australia has taken strategic steps to ensure a consistent and elevated customer experience. Recognising the need for continuous enhancement, we've implemented initiatives aimed at standardising and amplifying service levels across all branches.

This crucial initiative stems from our belief that being there for our customers after the sale is paramount. It's not solely about transactions; it's about nurturing relationships and collectively growing. With each branch's growth, maintaining uniform and high-quality service standards becomes imperative.

Partnering for Long-Term Success

At JOST Australia, our focus is not just on today's transactions but on building enduring partnerships. We've seen small operations evolve into substantial fleets over decades, and we've grown with them every step of the way.

Our aim is to provide a service that transcends the transaction, ensuring our customers receive consistent, top-tier support regardless of location or scale. Join us in our commitment to lasting relationships and exceptional service that goes beyond the point of sale.

Contact us today for unparalleled after-sales service and forge a partnership geared towards your success. Because when you choose us, you choose a commitment that lasts far beyond the sale.