Loc-Light Sensor

Loc-Light Sensor

Enhance your JOST fifth wheel with the innovative Loc-Light system, featuring a dual-sensor monitoring setup and an LED throat illumination. This advanced system ensures a secure and reliable coupling, reduces the risk of errors, and saves valuable time during pre-trip inspections. With the Loc-Light sensor, you gain enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and peace of mind on every journey.

The dual-sensor system, integrated with the Go/No-Go indicator light near the handle, ensures a secure coupling every time. When the handle and kingpin are properly locked, the light turns green, signalling a "Go light." If the handle or kingpin is not correctly locked, the light flashes red, indicating a "No-Go light." This visual confirmation enhances safety and prevents costly errors, providing peace of mind for every trip.

Additionally, the LED throat illumination automatically activates when the system is engaged. This light shines directly into the wheel’s throat, providing a clear view of the lockbar for pre-trip inspections. This feature simplifies the inspection process, saving time and improving accuracy. With better visibility, drivers can quickly identify any issues and ensure a secure connection before hitting the road.

Go Light

A green light on the loc-light sensor signifies that the fifth wheel is securely coupled, with both the kingpin and handle in the locked position.

No-Go Light

A flashing red light on the loc-light sensor accompanied by an audible alert signals that the kingpin and/or handle are not properly coupled.