TRIDEC Products

TRIDEC Products

Steering systems and axle suspension

TRIDEC systems have been widely used across various applications, enduring diverse weather conditions and terrain types for years. Known for their reliability, they stand out for their straightforward and speedy maintenance. With over 50,000 TRIDEC systems traversing the world's roads, these systems have been an integral part of JOST since 2008.

Key TRIDEC Benefits

  • Enhanced Maneuverability: TRIDEC systems elevate maneuverability to new heights, allowing trailers to navigate diverse terrains and tight spaces with unparalleled ease and precision.
  • Steering Safely: TRIDEC steering systems ensure the safest cornering for trailers, unmatched and tailored for compact sites and evolving infrastructure challenges.
  • Reliability: TRIDEC boasts vast experience, offering reliable European-quality systems that are easy to assemble and repair.
  • Cost Saving: TRIDEC-equipped trailers offer increased value, enabling access to previously inaccessible sites with larger loads, resulting in reduced transport needs, lower fuel consumption, and increased profit margins.
  • Custom Solutions: TRIDEC specialises in tailoring solutions for individual truck and trailer combinations, utilising modular systems to create bespoke solutions, ensuring excellent results through collaboration with clients.

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