JOST an all-round Tuff trailer solution

Tuff Trailers gets the most out of fitting JOST’s TRIDEC steering systems and trailer components as standard on its builds.

Officially launching in 1995, Tuff Trailers emerged and entered the market to deliver a diverse, new range of trailer models. Under the leadership of founder and Managing Director, Denis DiPasquale, it would design and manufacture high quality and innovative trailers customised to its customers’ requirements for the years to follow.

Recognised for its cutting-edge innovative design and manufacturing techniques, Tuff Trailers works with the end user to create specialised trailers that boast unique advantages in their field.

“One of the keys to building a successful product is valuing feedback and working closely with both customers and suppliers,” Denis says. “When their business grows, we all succeed together.”

In its business Tuff Trailers has become very familiar with the JOST product, particularly the TRIDEC steering systems. Since 2011, Tuff Trailers has been heavily invested in TRIDEC steering and suspension solutions.

“Tuff Trailers has become the largest purchaser and user TRIDEC in Australia, and we still have a large quantity of product coming through from JOST,” Denis says. 

Tuff Trailers’ new deck widening extendables are designed on a low loader chassis with extension and widening, and have been configured with TRIDEC DL-S suspension and steering systems. When combining with the TRIDEC equipment with their own design technology, Tuff Trailers has been able to develop a trailer that features advantages in deck height, length, strength and manoeuvrability.

“In terms of how the end user benefits, its versatility is second to none,” Denis says. “As the country grows, tight accessibility into site subdivisions, narrower streets, smaller roundabouts and everything that is manufactured is becoming larger so these steering systems in the Tuff Trailers give you the advantage to be able to manoeuvre both forward and reverse fulltime steering.”

For added flexibility, these trailers are equipped standard with TRIDEC’s Tritronic remote control system, allowing the operator to override steering and adjust deck heights when travelling under 15km/h.

“The quality of TRIDEC’s steering systems is second to none, and the engineering and the components used are of extremely high standard,” Denis says. “There are multiple different steering systems that we’ve used with the TRIDEC product, which are more suited in different applications with how far they can steer or whether they can be steered with a remote control.”

Tuff Trailers began dealing with JOST ever since its founding in 1995. Since then, JOST’s turntables, ball races, kingpins and landing legs have also been a part of Tuff Trailers’ major investments over the last 28 years. We get it, we use it, and it just keeps working.”

JOST’s kingpins have also proved to be worthwhile at Tuff Tailers.

“JOST have a reliable high-quality product,” Denis says. “It’s a part that can be sourced pretty much anywhere in the country. So, if someone needs parts or if someone needs to change something out it’s readily available from different audistributors around Australia.”

Having used JOST landing legs on most Tuff Trailers, Denis believes JOST has mastered this product. 

“JOST has the best landing legs hands down,” he says. “They’re extremely good landing legs, and the same goes for their turntables and ball races. To be perfectly honest, over the years of using their turntables, I don’t think I’ve ever had a warranty claim in 28 years. We get it, we use it, and it just keeps working.” 

“We use a lot of their kingpins as well,” Denis says. “Their bolt-in kingpin range is extremely good, and again, they can be a replaceable part. Availability and access to them around the country is very good. Even over a period of time, they seem to have a reasonably long life as well before needing replacement.”

As a trailer manufacturer, it is vital that Tuff Trailers buys on quality rather than on price. Associating itself with companies that can supply a product which meets its standards is a must, and the gratitude Denis receives from his customers suggests JOST is the right fit.

“The feedback is all excellent,” Denis says. “The product is outstanding, hence why we align ourselves with it. The last thing we want our trailer or dollies to be let down by is the quality of a component we put into it, because at the end of the day our name is about quality and reputation. So, we do align ourselves with companies that supply high quality and a great service, because if they can’t do both of those things, neither can we.”

This article was published in Trailer Magazine November 2023 edition. Trailer Magazine is Australia’s leading B2B publication dedicated to trailers, truck bodies and ancillary equipment. For the latest editorial and news about road transport in Australia, see Trailer Magazine.

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