JOST – the key to Schmitz Cargobull’s solutions

Schmitz Cargobull has chosen to repeatedly specify JOST’s renowned trailer components for its refrigerated trailers. Coupled with the support of Brown and Hurley dealerships, the Australian transport industry gets an offer too great for some to refuse.

“JOST is a well-recognised partner of Schmitz Cargobull,” says Schmitz Cargobull Sales Executive, Luke Hardeman. “JOST is our standard fitment for landing legs in Germany and has been for some time. They use the JOST Modul landing leg, so they are fitted on all of our SKOs which come into Australia.”

In addition to the Modul landing legs, JOST’s turntables and wheels are also key features of a Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated trailer. Proving their success overtime, all three components continue to come as standard with each build. 

Prior to his current role at Schmitz Cargobull, Luke had previously worked at JOST Australia as an Area Manager four years ago. During this time he gained an inside perspective of the collaboration between both OEMs from JOST’s point of view, which he now continues on the Schmitz Cargobull side.

“The landing legs, turntables and fifth wheels were standard fitment on all of Schmitz Cargobull’s products when I was there, and we’ve since tried to continue the relationship from Germany to Australia with standard fitment,” he says. “Naturally with our JOST relationship within Australia, we have also chosen to put JOST wheels on most of our Australian trailers.”

JOST and Schmitz Cargobull are known for their exceptional quality not only within Australia, but in Germany where they both originated and around the world as well. And fitting JOST components as standard on Schmitz Cargobull equipment, Luke says, reinforces this message.

“With us having them as our standard equipment, I think people get a perception that the two reliable brands together make a good combination,” he says. “It’s about the brand name, and the example of that is people associate good trailer equipment with JOST. When we specify these for sales quotes, no one has an issue that we’re using JOST. It’s a reputable brand with a good, reliable name that people choose.” 

JOST’s Modul landing legs, according to Luke, is a perfect example of this.

“The JOST-engineered landing legs have always been good,” he says. “The gear ratio makes them a premium leg, and with the engineering of them, they seem to wind better. They don’t take as many turns to wind to get the landing legs to run up and down.”

Schmitz Cargobull’s dealer, Brown and Hurley, also plays a key role in its collaboration with JOST. With 14 sites scattered all around Australia, Brown and Hurley has been selling trailers since 1992 and can now distribute the JOST and Schmitz Cargobull package and cater directly to the end customer’s needs.

“We utilise the JOST product between our truck and trailer dealerships and we fit premium JOST products on all five of our trailer brands, Schmitz Cargobull being one of them,” says Brown and Hurley Group Trailer Manager, John Cole. “In terms of customer needs, Schmitz Cargobull is the leader in thermal efficiency, and JOST matches that with their premium products that we fit right across the board. These include turntables, wheels, kingpins and landing legs.”

Always keeping stock available between Brown and Hurley dealerships means customers always have access to new and used equipment. As a result, the dealer has also become a one-stop-shop for the transport industry.

With Australia’s various freight routes and corridors, it’s possible that operators can often travel and end up in all sorts of remote areas around the country. In these scenarios, it is essential that fleets have a product they can rely on – especially in the case of refrigerated trailers – to deliver perishable freight in time. With JOST’s impressive national footprint, Schmitz Cargobull’s aftersales support and the backing of Brown and Hurley, however, they can rest assured that every possible factor has been considered.

“JOST having all outlets around Australia for spare parts and serviceability helps in the situation where someone might have an accident and break a landing leg,” Luke says. “Their national support is always comforting for a salesperson to know that they can get access to the JOST team anywhere Australia-wide, and components and spare parts are readily available throughout all states.”

With five collective years of experience on both sides of the coin, Luke says the partnership between Schmitz Cargobull and JOST, reinforced by Brown and Hurley, is key to the transport industry. “The solution from JOST, Schmitz Cargobull and Brown and Hurley is a good combination,” he says. “Customers can have the turntable on the trucks, and they can have JOST wheels on trucks as well plus having landing legs on the trailer. They’re three key benefits for our truck and trailer combination.

“JOST is a key component to Schmitz Cargobull because of their reliability, and we have never had a problem with their product.”

This article was published in Trailer Magazine September 2023 edition. Trailer Magazine is Australia’s leading B2B publication dedicated to trailers, truck bodies and ancillary equipment. For the latest editorial and news about road transport in Australia, see Trailer Magazine.

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